Bubonic Plague Hitting New Mexico Dog Populations


Even when I blogged about politics I ran into stories about The Black Death in America. There are more outbreaks of the disease than you think – especially in areas where rat and tick populations get out of control. There’s a couple of dogs with it in New mexico but no humans yet so tick and flea prevention is obviously going to become very important.

h/t Breitbart

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Around the Campfire 6/13/13 – Wild Justice Edition

I’ve been half-rumping it for a few months while I get some stuff together. But I’m back and we’re looking for submissions if anyone is interested in and I’ll be adding a blog roll so if you have a outdoor/survival/adventure related blog contact me. Or read these links that prove you can’t mess with mother nature, who seems to be really angry about something:

Aspiring outlaw Bryan Zuniga bailed out of his car and made a run for it when a Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. He ran right into the waiting jaws of Mother Nature’s fugitive recovery agents – a pond full of alligators. He survived relatively unscathed and as it turned out ran because his license was revoked.

“Raspberry” crazy Ants have spread since being discovered in 2002 and according to scientists they are a threat to not only livestock and wild species but to electronic equipment. It’s being reported that in one year they caused $146.5 million dollars in damage in Texas alone.

Mysterious brown foam has been spotted in a Nevada reservoir and it might be toxic.

In Virginia a 17 pound snakehead was reeled in at a bachelor party (?) that is thought to be a record setter.

Outdoor Life has a video on their site of a “pro” bicycle racer being chased by a falcon. It’s pretty funny but it’s part of some stupid stunt where the racer had bait strapped to his helmet. So it’s less funny than stupid I guess.

A Detroit school that’s also a farm (?) had several goats and chickens slaughtered “mysteriously” recently. The school blamed protesters who didn’t like the fact that kids are learning to grow and sell produce (huh?) but as it turns out a dog or dog pack was responsible. it seems that the people working in the farm school couldn’t identify the bite marks of a canine.

Well done as always Detroit.

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Record Setting Mako Shark Caught in California

Here’s the report from Yahoo! News via The Blaze which has photos. This beast was an 11 footer and weighed 1,323.5 pounds! Luckily they didn’t need a bigger boat:

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Bow-Mag Bullet Tipped Arrowheads

Finally someone is making arrows a costumed vigilante would be proud of. A company called Rac-Em-Bac is making arrowheads that are just housings for a .357 Magnum or .38 Special round and are of course designed to fire on impact. In other words you have an arrow that fires off a pistol bullet into whatever you hit. This makes your bow or cross bow a little more useful for taking tough game like wild boar as this promotional video suggests:

Cool. However the Bow-Mag system is pricey – about $40 for a box of six according to The Firearm Blog. I’m also not so sure people who like the challenge of taking down a pig or bear with a bow really want to make it easier by adding a a zip gun to the end of their arrows but I’m not a bow hunter so what do I know?

In some areas getting a bow and handgun ammo is easier than getting a gun (NY I’m looking at you) so I see a limited market for blue staters who want to create some sort of pulp hero themed zombie apocalypse kit. Growing up in NJ I found the draconian process for getting a gun permit so daunting that I didn’t buy my own firearm until I was pursuing a Masters degree in Connecticut, yet bows and archery lanes were fairly common sights in my home state. I owned a few crossbows myself. I can imagine that if I still lived in a state where I had to jump through hoops to buy a gun but could pick up a bow at a hardware store and .38 shells over the Internet this system would be pretty appealing.

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Christopher Nyerges on Doomsday Preppers

This video is a little over a year old and follows Christopher Nyerges appearance on Doomsday Preppers (season one, episode two I believe) which was widely seen as a disaster. I’m posting it because someone asked me the other day what I thought of the show and this clip captures all that is wrong with the program.

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