Sustainable Urban Agriculture?

Another post I wrote a few years ago for American Survival Blog. Since I wrote this Garden Girl host Patti Moreno has really hit her stride being featured on HGTV and in several magazines. However in her newer stuff as with the following trailer you’ll see that by “urban” in most cases she means sub-urban. Many of these techniques are impossible to do in inner-cities.

However sustainable local agriculture is something we should all be striving for so her you go. Like many New Yorkers her taste in music runs to the pretentious and her earnestness about the green lifestyle is something only someone who isn’t stooped over from decades of hard work can muster up. Still I’m a fan.

That’s the promise Garden Girl makes on her website. Good tips for those of you who want to try your hand an small scale food production which is a good idea. You never know when a few extra chickens and tomatoes will come in handy!

Here’s a promo video chock full of tips for the beginning urban farmer:

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