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Obama’s Executive Order 13575 Basically Nationalizes Rural Communites

This is bad news. This executive order is very similar to the U.N.’s Agenda 21 which attempts to force Soviet style central planning on every aspect of the lives of the planets entire population in the name of “sustainability” and … Continue reading

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The LaCroix Family Talks About Making a Living on YouTube

Jeff and Heather LaCroix are Internet sensations who produce fishing and shooting related videos on YouTube for a living. Here they talk about how and why they got started in what many would consider a dream home business. The ins … Continue reading

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Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival – Rogers’ Rangers in Five Parts

English Bushcraft celebrity and professional woodsbum Ray Mears follows the trail of the legendary Roger’s Rangers in this television documentary from across the pond. This is a great presentation of a little known period in pre-American history and a demonstration … Continue reading

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Christie’s Sells Matching Pair of “Singing Bird” Pistols for Nearly $6,000,000

The Firearms Blog reports that this exquisite pair of singing bird pistols – the only known matched pair in existence – was recently sold at auction by Christie’s for $5,866,499. As Steve says words cannot do justice to the delicate … Continue reading

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Video from The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s Spring Shoot

Hickok45 has posted video of The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association‘s 2011 Spring Shoot which captures the family friendly fun of the event and shows off some of the best of the craftsmen who ply their trade there. Two of the … Continue reading

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