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North Carolina Jackboots Eustace Conway

Most Americans know Eustace Conway as the gentle mountain hippy from History Channel’s Mountain Men television series. Conway has lived a self-relaint lifestyle in the mountians he calls home for over two decades with no problem from the local government. Until now. I used to blog … Continue reading

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America Lost Almost 12,000 Farms in 2012

Family farms are fast becoming a thing of the past, which is going to have devastating consequences on our food production. I won’t get too much into the politics of this – suffice to say that government persecution of farmers … Continue reading

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Northern Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski

Northern Bushcraft is a great book on bushcraft skills by Mors Kochanski available on Amazon for $13 or for a limited time on Scribd: Northern Bushcraft by Buck

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What’s The Best Trail Gun For You by Skeeter Skelton

The following piece is a 1977 article written by the legendary Charles Allan “Skeeter” Skelton for Shooting Times. It’s been floating around for a while on forums and such so I’m going to just assume SI doesn’t mind the reprint. I ran … Continue reading

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Letter from Hunting Works for Minnesota to Sen. Franken and Klobuchar

Again with the politics but I think this is too little too late. I don’t know about Klobuchar but Al Franken is as radical left as you can get so the idea that businesses would lose money over gun control … Continue reading

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