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Hoosier Trapper Outdoors Season One, Episode One

Bought to you by Hoosier Trapper Supply, Inc this Internet show is in it’s 3rd season and still going strong. I’ll be posting the episodes in the viewing room every Sunday:

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The Mountain Men

Someone posted this documentary over at Natural Bushcraft and I am glad they did. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this a couple of years ago and it’s an excellent little film that gives a great overview of the … Continue reading

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Field Dressing a Porcupine?

This video which is put out by the New England based Maine Primitive Skills School is about field dressing small game – but they’re using a pretty big porcupine. Call me a greenhorn but when someone says small game to … Continue reading

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Payback! Over 50,000 Feral Hogs From America Overrun Mexico

Ironic since a new report suggests more than a third of the most destructive Arizona wildfires were directly traceable to illegal border crossers: People entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico are believed responsible for more than one-third of human-ignited wildfires … Continue reading

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How to Process a Meat Rabbit

Raising livestock on a small scale is becoming more and more popular, which is a good thing considering the state of the economy. Rabbits are one meat animal that even urban dwellers could conceivably raise for meat (and profit) if … Continue reading

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