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The Mountain Men

Someone posted this documentary over at Natural Bushcraft and I am glad they did. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this a couple of years ago and it’s an excellent little film that gives a great overview of the … Continue reading

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Field Dressing a Porcupine?

This video which is put out by the New England based Maine Primitive Skills School is about field dressing small game – but they’re using a pretty big porcupine. Call me a greenhorn but when someone says small game to … Continue reading

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Payback! Over 50,000 Feral Hogs From America Overrun Mexico

Ironic since a new report suggests more than a third of the most destructive Arizona wildfires were directly traceable to illegal border crossers: People entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico are believed responsible for more than one-third of human-ignited wildfires … Continue reading

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How to Process a Meat Rabbit

Raising livestock on a small scale is becoming more and more popular, which is a good thing considering the state of the economy. Rabbits are one meat animal that even urban dwellers could conceivably raise for meat (and profit) if … Continue reading

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“Yeti” Skin Set to Bring Big Bucks at Swiss Aution

From GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The most affordable auction in Geneva, one with some 500 items that are valued at under CHF300, features an unusual item this year, a blue bearskin that was for a long time reputed to be … Continue reading

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