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America Lost Almost 12,000 Farms in 2012

Family farms are fast becoming a thing of the past, which is going to have devastating consequences on our food production. I won’t get too much into the politics of this – suffice to say that government persecution of farmers … Continue reading

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The Great North Carolina Bee Heist!

Over 20,000 bees were stolen from a bee keeper in Alamance County, N.C. in a bizarre crime that, oddly, only cost the victim a few grand: A beekeeper said he went to check on his bees and found all 20,000 of … Continue reading

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Oregon Rancher Eaten by Hogs!

Tragic and horrible story but I am posting it because just recently someone I know told me that being worried about animals attacking people is paranoia. These were tame, farm raised pigs, imagine what feral pigs will do to a … Continue reading

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Aggressive Wolf Pack Targeted in Washington State

There’s a pack of wolves in Washington state that have been attacking cattle so the authorities have decided to cull them. Last I heard they got two but the pack may be as big as eight: Two gray wolves in … Continue reading

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Minnesota Farmer Beats Raw Milk Rap

Having solved all the other problems in the world state and federal authorities have been waging a war on the scourge that is unpasteurized milk. The theory behind this seems to be that people are too stupid to choose their own food and it’s the … Continue reading

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