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Daily Caller Launches Guns and Gear Section

The Daily Caller is one of the bigger politically oriented websites in the business and they’re taking a huge step forward by adding a Guns and Gear section to their website that includes gun reviews, news stories involving the gun … Continue reading

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Trapping Tales from The Wild North

If you’re like me you’ve idly wished for a simple life of trapping and long hunting while sitting in your warm house. But we wake up and realize that it is a life of privation and hardship most of us … Continue reading

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Review of the Leatherman Kick

I’ve been looking for a multi-tool for everyday carry and found this old review of the Leatherman Kick on Colin Outdoors. Cheap but effective, I think I might buy one. I’ll call it a “kek” to in solidarity to with … Continue reading

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Field Dressing a Porcupine?

This video which is put out by the New England based Maine Primitive Skills School is about field dressing small game – but they’re using a pretty big porcupine. Call me a greenhorn but when someone says small game to … Continue reading

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Interview with Tom Brown Jr. on Primitive Survival Skills

I read Tom Brown’s The Tracker with some skepticism but ultimately I really enjoyed it even though Brown himself seems … a little much. I’m not expert enough to declare that he is or is not the real deal but … Continue reading

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