Trapping Tales from The Wild North

If you’re like me you’ve idly wished for a simple life of trapping and long hunting while sitting in your warm house. But we wake up and realize that it is a life of privation and hardship most of us aren’t prepared for.

That in mind these videos by YouTube Channel The Wild North gives you a glimpse into modern trapping and a taste into the hard work it takes to run a real trapline. Be warned, Canadians curse a lot:

Part II:

Part III:

There are more videos to enjoy, and disillusion you armchair trappers out there.

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19 Responses to Trapping Tales from The Wild North

  1. John Pirrello says:

    How do I contact the guy doing the trapping in these videos?

    • admin says:

      Click the video and contact the poster through his YouTube channel.

    • roger eagles says:

      Great stuff.Being a trapper for 50 years,good to see comon sence and sincere stuff.Most shows r so far off,every trap is shiny new sittig on a post.Thanks for the entertainment and learning to.Lynx just moving in my area,got my first one this year.Love yore showThanxs guy

  2. Ron Layton says:

    Great stuff! Learning from one who does rather than some couch commando. Its a ruff life but beats the big city.

  3. admin says:

    I often daydream of become a full time trapper or woodsbum. But all the real money is up north and I love my SC weather too much. One of these days I’ll take off to the swamp and build me a shack, hunt some gators and hunt some ‘seng.

  4. Tom Ceo says:

    I could watch this stuff all day long, you are living my dream! Maybe in my next life, eh?

  5. Bob bonnaure says:

    Keep the videos coming! I make a cup of coffee and sit and watch these trapping videos. For hours. Your living the dream of so many of us. Also I was wondering if their is a lot. Of muskrats in your area? With the 10 dollar price per rat you could make a good profit. The beaver lynx mink and wolverine videos are awesome. I watch everyone with great ethusiasm. Give charlie a pat on the head for me. I lost my chocolate lab last year and still miss her. Good luck in the wild north.

  6. Yvon says:

    enjoy your video`s very much,just like being there with you,ps my wife says you should keep the swearing to a minimum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep up the good work

  7. woody g says:

    i love watching your videos. i could watch them all day. keep up the good work . your living our dream and we get to pretend we are right there with you. thank you so much.

  8. Peter P says:

    Awesome is the word which comes to my mind,yes it is the dream of many of us to do the same thing,lived in Hay River for awhile,seen few lynx myself when i was there,totally enjoy all your stuff,will be regular viewing for me,for sure,thanks for sharing your life and your experience(May your lines be full of mother earth’s bounty,PEACE)

  9. brian says:

    Did you get your fur hat made, As I am a furor that make some real cool hat’s Mukluks check out my face book page at I am in Minnesota and know as wildlife
    Love your you tube some day I should show you how to make your hat,

  10. Owen Whybrew says:

    So what are you useing to dye your traps white ?

  11. bcatmando says:

    all us old guys givin up a thumbs up. when the legs start givin out we hafta stay closer to the road with our gear and it sukksalot.

  12. Bruno Landry says:

    I love these videos, ar traping tales made in 2012 ? when you asked for a name for the next year after traping tales what year was that…maybe would help if you mention the year once in a while during your video…
    Im an old man 60 plus and cant wait to see your next videos , that is if you ar still doing that.

  13. Brian says:

    Love you’re videos . You have an awesome life

  14. Rich says:

    u just don’t have enough vids up! I’ve seen them all!

  15. Rich says:

    bring us more alot more!

  16. Alex Hamilton says:

    Congrats’s Andrey great video’s, I trapped for 40+ years I envy your youth. Here on the rock i lived in the remote country with just my good friend jake a faithful brown lab. Watching you and Charlie brings back good memories of those good times. I,am looking forward to view your new show as I know you are genuine and very entertaing and helpful to the younger trappers. Be safe my friend, be careful handling chainsaws etc. boil your drinking water, a trappers worst nightmare is beaver fever. Enjoy the years with Charlie as he is only young yet. i was wondering if you are familiar with the one inch wide strip of a trucks tire inner tube which saves on traps and snare throwers good sets=full sets….A friend in trapping!!

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