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DIY Pocket Water Filter

Bushcraft is a global pursuit and some of the best bushcrafter videos on the web come from countries Americans tend to think of as simply giant urban centers. Here Austrian bushcrafter Lily, aka AloneWolverine1984 on YouTube, demonstrates a quick, cheap … Continue reading

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How to Use a Fire Steel

A lot of people buy firesteels of different types fro their “bug-out” bags and don’t put much thought into learning the techniques to use them I myself order a few about a year ago but never unpacked them – I’m … Continue reading

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Northern Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski

Northern Bushcraft is a great book on bushcraft skills by Mors Kochanski available on Amazon for $13 or for a limited time on Scribd: Northern Bushcraft by Buck

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How to Make a Split Stick Deadfall

A simple trap anyone with a good knife can make in a pinch, made by YouTuber MiloSlavJMP:

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Harvesting Road Killed Deer

Dual Survival alum Dave Canterbury has been working hard on the Pathfinder School YouTube channel sharing some valuable skills for the 21st Century Longhunter as he terms it. One skill we all should be learning is taking advantage of every opportunity to attain … Continue reading

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