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Lex Rooker’s Pemmican Manual

The Preparedness Advice Blog linked to this online manual that deals in depth with the manufacture of pemmican. Pemmican, properly prepared, can keep for years without refrigeration and ounce for ounce beats most other stored foods for providing energy for … Continue reading

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Rustling Costing Ranchers Millions

From SF Gate: Even with cattle theft rampant in much of the nation’s midsection, Oklahoma rancher Ryan Payne wasn’t worried about anyone messing with his cows and calves. By his estimation, his pasture is so far off the beaten path … Continue reading

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16 1/2 Brick Rocket Stove

I found these two videos in an interesting discussion thread on the Survivalist Boards. Interesting design and seems like a quick build in an emergency if you can find sixteen and a half bricks.The first is a quick demonstration of … Continue reading

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Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and Real Estate as the Economy Collapses

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, talks about investing and making money in the collapsing economy. Well worth the listen: Part I: Part II: His book Conspiracy of the Rich may also be of interest.

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Even the Liberal Media Can’t Hide Inflation Anymore

Notice that the reporter here still claims that inflation isn’t a bad thing even as the necessities people can’t do without are rising beyond their ability to purchase them. Lucky for us increases in food and fuel aren’t anything to … Continue reading

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