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Cold Steel Zombie Head Stab Test!

Cold Steel head honcho Lynn Thompson sets out to prove whether or not stabling a zombie in the head Walking Dead style could work, using a pig head and cow head as media. He uses several Cold Steel products including … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire 3/22/12

Been busy planting my seedlings, going heavy on the peppers this year and trying my hand at a couple of kinds of peas. There was quite a to-do around her as I found mushrooms (!?!)growing in some of my seedlings … Continue reading

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Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

Simple information but honestly I didn’t know most of this. Another great video by Jas Townsend that is useful for both the re-enactor and the prepper. Or anyone wiith cast iron cookware:

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Around the Campfire 3/18/12

We’re introducing a Frugal Living category that will focus on ways to save money and beat inflation. Writers who want to submit articles should contact me through the contact form. Backwoods Home has an informative article for what the future … Continue reading

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Dual Survival: Panic in the Jungle

Americans don’t have a lot of jungle to get stuck in but this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Enjoy: Part I: Part II: Part III:

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