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Guns and Gardens Episode 10 – Zombie Castaway

Marque Cornblatt hits another one out of the park in his Guns and Gardens series, set after an imaginary zombie apocalypse. In this episode (which is a followup to the excellent episode 8 which dealt with survival while stranded at … Continue reading

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Wind Turbines Kill Over 10,000 Bats a Year in Pennsylvania!

Bat are of course one of nature’s most valuable predators, eating millions of disease carrying and crop destroying insects each and every night. But to the green movement they are just acceptable losses to the cause of saving the earth! … Continue reading

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Christopher Nyerges Interviews “Wildman” Steve Brill

Christopher Nyerges interviewed the dean of wild foraging “Wildman” Steve Brill on his Preparedness Radio Network show. Well worth your time if you’re interested in foraging, especially in urban areas. Listen to internet radio with Preparedness Radio on Blog Talk … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire 3/9/12

We’re preparing a series of articles on saving money during these inflationary times so stay tuned for that, and we’re always looking for articles and writers so contact us if you want to contribute. Here’s some links I was browsing … Continue reading

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Lightfield “Zombie Blaster” Rounds

Zombies are being used to “cleverly” market all sorts of mundane gun and survival related items. The original understanding of this device was that, like Zombie Squad, people were using a zombie apocalypse as a metaphor for any type of … Continue reading

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