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Monstrous Turkey “Stalks” Detroit Neighborhood

One of the worst film ever made is a slasher movie called Thankskilling which involves a satanic, jive talking turkey monster who kills teenagers due to a Indian curse. The film is best known for it’s opening sequence, a nipple, … Continue reading

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Around the Campfire 3/6/12

I’ve been gardening so things are getting lax around here. Here’s a couple of links that woodsbums, preppers, and all the other people that read sites like this will like. Bens Backwoods has an excellent article on using natural stones … Continue reading

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Making a Leather Drawstring Pouch

Keith “La Loup” Burgess shows how he makes leather drawstring pouches, which he uses in historical trekking. It’s a deceptively simple skill that many of us have forgotten. On his blog A Woodsrunner’s Diary he has a post on using … Continue reading

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