Field Dressing a Porcupine?

This video which is put out by the New England based Maine Primitive Skills School is about field dressing small game – but they’re using a pretty big porcupine. Call me a greenhorn but when someone says small game to me I think squirrel and rabbit. An interesting video though and extremely well presented:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  1. says:

    Here I am cutting into the diaphragm area to get at the pulmonary organs and heart. The diaphragm separates two internal areas all mammals. The area below the diaphragm will have the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines, and the area above it will have the heart and lungs. The diaphragm must be severed where it follows along the sides the body cavity in order to easily release the internal organs. This is true for any mammal that you might field dress. The damage to the bottom “chin” area was not from me making a cut there. That’s what a 22LR hollow point does to flesh. A competent man with a 22 can last a long time anywhere on earth with a box full of shells and a rifle.

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