Around the Campfire – 10/511

Fall is here and the harvests are coming in. This is my favorite time of the year and an important time for those of us who are worried about social disruptions. Preparing for the long winter by canning or preserving the last of the crops reminds us that it is our responsibility to prepare for the lean times when we are in periods of abundance:

Le Loup has a nice project for those cold winter months that can add life to your moccasins – cobbling mocs.

Here’s an article from Fur-Fish-Game about collecting wild ginseng. The season for that is over but with prices hovering around $300 a pound it’s never too early to start scouting.

I found this great video of someone threshing wheat by hand. Nice for tiny garden crops.

“Ferfal” from Surviving in Argentina discusses crime prevention strategies in a post-TEOTWAWKI world.

Dave Canterbury was on the Doom and Bloom podcast recently. Listen here.

Make your own uckboard bacon!

This website shows you how to build a wind turbine generator for $150.

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