Around the Campfire – 11/8/11

I’m working a new gig as the crime columnist at PJ Media and I’ve just purchased a Rossi Ranch Hand in .45 Colt. So sorry for the light posting but making money and playing with my new toy always comes first! Here’s a list of links though that are extremely useful:

The Forager’s Forum on On The Field is a great resource for information on wild edibles.

Dale Petry has an article on reloading in Backwoods Home.

Amazon has 10 packs of 12 hour cyalume chemical light sticks for over 50% off!

Here’s a phenomenal essay on 18th century medicine at Travels and Travails in 18th Century England.

The Buzz at the Hive has a post on how to preserve fresh eggs for an entire winter using lard.

La Loup’s primitive half shelter is nicer than my patio.

AccuWeather ran a post called 8 Old Time Solutions for Modern Domestic Problems that’s actually pretty good.

SurvivalBlog had a great letter from someone in New England commenting on her neighbors unpreparedness for the recent blizzard.

Foreign Policy has an article on System D – the ten trillion dollar unregulated global market that is making entrepreneurs rich. You may already be a part of it.

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