Around the Campfire 6/13/13 – Wild Justice Edition

I’ve been half-rumping it for a few months while I get some stuff together. But I’m back and we’re looking for submissions if anyone is interested in and I’ll be adding a blog roll so if you have a outdoor/survival/adventure related blog contact me. Or read these links that prove you can’t mess with mother nature, who seems to be really angry about something:

Aspiring outlaw Bryan Zuniga bailed out of his car and made a run for it when a Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. He ran right into the waiting jaws of Mother Nature’s fugitive recovery agents – a pond full of alligators. He survived relatively unscathed and as it turned out ran because his license was revoked.

“Raspberry” crazy Ants have spread since being discovered in 2002 and according to scientists they are a threat to not only livestock and wild species but to electronic equipment. It’s being reported that in one year they caused $146.5 million dollars in damage in Texas alone.

Mysterious brown foam has been spotted in a Nevada reservoir and it might be toxic.

In Virginia a 17 pound snakehead was reeled in at a bachelor party (?) that is thought to be a record setter.

Outdoor Life has a video on their site of a “pro” bicycle racer being chased by a falcon. It’s pretty funny but it’s part of some stupid stunt where the racer had bait strapped to his helmet. So it’s less funny than stupid I guess.

A Detroit school that’s also a farm (?) had several goats and chickens slaughtered “mysteriously” recently. The school blamed protesters who didn’t like the fact that kids are learning to grow and sell produce (huh?) but as it turns out a dog or dog pack was responsible. it seems that the people working in the farm school couldn’t identify the bite marks of a canine.

Well done as always Detroit.

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