Around the Campfire – Animal Attacks Abound!

I saw a bunch of these stories on the social networks. Mother nature is angry!

It took two fireman to pull an angry ferret off an innocent toddler on a busy street.

A New Jersey babysitter had to fight for her life in a battle with a vicious fox back in May.

Man looses leg in tiger attack – at the Bronx Zoo!

A Florida boy was bitten by a rattlesnake in his own backyard.

Man narrowly avoids heart attack after being presented with a $18,000 hospital bill for snake bite treatment.

Rock Hill, SC family learns to knock on their neighbor’s door before entering the hard way – via pit-bull attack.

A fisherman was mauled by a grizzly bear in British Columbia.

A waitress at a “dog friendly” cafe in Florida needed 300 stitches to her face when a Mastiff attacked her.

Postman get 17 stitches when dog he thought was muzzled and caged ambushed him.

A black bear had to be killed when it jumped on a man’s tent and mauled him in Montana. Experts say it was a “predatory” attack.

Wildlife expert was nearly killed by a leopard.

You always have to be ready friends. Danger lurks around every corner.


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