Around the Campfire – Survival Candle Round-up Edition

I’m a big fan of preparing for non-electric living for emergencies. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the ability to generate power during blackouts I like to be prepared to live days, weeks, months or even years without power if push comes to shove.Sure I’d miss it, but I won’t die without electricity.

Candles, and candle making, are obviously part of the foundation of living a non-electric lifestyle. Candles of various types can be used for more than just light. Warmth and in some cases the ability to cook can be attained from different styles and sizes of candles. Here’s some links to on making useful candles for emergencies:

Teotwawki Blog has a step by step guide on making survival candles using canning jars, wicks and wax available from Amazon.

Outdoor Life has a article on making the “fire can” or hobo stove out of old cans and cardboard.

Survivaltek has a post on using a blanket, tea light and coffee can as for warmth.

Here’s a nice how to video with a demonstration of how fire cans work:

Not a candle per se but this video about making olive oil lamps should also be of interest:

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