Bow-Mag Bullet Tipped Arrowheads

Finally someone is making arrows a costumed vigilante would be proud of. A company called Rac-Em-Bac is making arrowheads that are just housings for a .357 Magnum or .38 Special round and are of course designed to fire on impact. In other words you have an arrow that fires off a pistol bullet into whatever you hit. This makes your bow or cross bow a little more useful for taking tough game like wild boar as this promotional video suggests:

Cool. However the Bow-Mag system is pricey – about $40 for a box of six according to The Firearm Blog. I’m also not so sure people who like the challenge of taking down a pig or bear with a bow really want to make it easier by adding a a zip gun to the end of their arrows but I’m not a bow hunter so what do I know?

In some areas getting a bow and handgun ammo is easier than getting a gun (NY I’m looking at you) so I see a limited market for blue staters who want to create some sort of pulp hero themed zombie apocalypse kit. Growing up in NJ I found the draconian process for getting a gun permit so daunting that I didn’t buy my own firearm until I was pursuing a Masters degree in Connecticut, yet bows and archery lanes were fairly common sights in my home state. I owned a few crossbows myself. I can imagine that if I still lived in a state where I had to jump through hoops to buy a gun but could pick up a bow at a hardware store and .38 shells over the Internet this system would be pretty appealing.

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