Cooking Colonial Style Fire Cakes

Jas. Townsend and Sons is one of the best re-enactment sutlers in business today, and not just because of their large selection of colonial error re-enactment supplies. The store has a innovative web presence that includes video presentations ranging from the instructional to the humorous. This demonstration of making “ash cakes” or “fire cakes” should be of great interest to the camper, hiker or survivalist who wants a simple recipe for food they can make on the fly. Use of a Bannock Board like the one sold by Jas Townsend and Sons is neater but as the video shows not particularly necessary. Since all that’s needed is a little flour, some water, a mixing bowl and a fire this recipe should be part of your “bug out bag” planning if you’re prepping. In a long term grid down situation this would also come in handy.

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