Crazed Survivalist Link Round-Up

(Photo courtesy Zombie Apocalypse Academy)

My wife sent me a article from the L.A. Times which says that world wide pork shortages are now “unavoidable” mainly to pretend that she has been listening to my constant ranting about how there’s going to be a famine because we don’t have enough farmers and the dollar is collapsing. Anyway that kind of thing always sends me into a survivalist spiral of stockpiling and going over my emergency preparations so here’s a list of self-sufficiency themed links for you to chew on. You’ll need something to chew on when there’s no food!

Eggs can apparently be preserved without refrigeration by simply storing them in salt.

Here’s a great article on alternative refrigeration without power.

Making a rocket stove out of 16 bricks that cost less than $7.

Cheap emergency water filtration.

Hobo fishing with a soda can.

Building a yurt on the cheap.

Using a solar furnace made of plywood and soda cans to heat rooms.

Make you’re own fishing net.

Making pitch pine.

And of course a little from Dave Canterbury:

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