Firebox Portable Campfire Review

This looks like a larger, fancier version of the old Pocket Cooker concept available through outfits like Backwoodsman Mercantile. The design is different but the theory is the same – a folding stove designed in such a way that any fuel can be used to cook with. The Firebox comes with more features and seems to be a bit more versatile in that it could be used as a small brazier to warm up a lean to if you didn’t want to build a campfire but the Pocket Cooker only costs $20. The Firebox with all the foofarraw is running you a close to $100.  If you can afford it it looks interesting, if you’re a poor ol’ woodsbum stick with a flint and steel ( and a bic!)leave time to build a proper campfire.

For the survivalist this might be a good buy because using sterno cans you can use this indoors during power outages. I have a folding sterno stove I use for emergencies but if I was looking to replace all my cooking gear with one piece this might be it. Full disclosure I have never actually used one someone sent me this review of it by YouTube prepper celeb SouthernPrepper and I then researched it a little.

Like I said if I wanted to replace all my gear I’d look into it – but I’m not looking to so there you go. But if you’re a backpacker or prepper putting together a bug out bag this might be a good product to look into.

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