Gunslingers Rejoice! Taurus Buys Heritage Arms!

While not always practical many of us love our “cowboy” guns and prefer to spend our gun dollars on classically styled firearms that provide not just utility but nostalgia for the by gone days of white hats and wild women. I admit to loving my Uberti Stallion 10-shot .22 more than my snub nose and my Stoeger coach gun is grabbed more often when I hear a bump in the night than my Mossberg. I even have a Rossi Ranch Hand – just because it looks like one of the guns in the train station gun fight scene in Once Upon a Time in the West.

I have always liked the affordable Heritage Firearm single actions, thinking they’d be handy trail guns for a hike in places my mint condition Uberti knows better than to be running around. But here in South Carolina they’re not sold because of an law about melting points – though they’re working to repeal that. But now Taurus, which makes some dandy little guns themselves, has purchased Heritage which gives me hope that a economical SC legal version of the Rough Rider might be on the horizon.

From the Taurus International website:

May, 2012 (Miami, FL) – Taurus®, the world’s foremost manufacturer of firearms announces the acquisition of Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. of Opa Locka, Florida, an American company proudly producing an American legend, the Western Single Action Revolver. Terms of the transaction are undisclosed.

Heritage Manufacturing was founded in 1992 by Jay Bernkrant and his wife, Maria Diaz, and their firearms were quickly recognized for outstanding workmanship, accuracy, quality and value. Featuring the acclaimed Rough Rider 22LR and 22 Magnum combo revolver, Heritage brings affordability to any outdoorsman who enjoys plinking, hunting, and family fun. Heritage’s competitive price points mirror the Taurus position of value leader in the marketplace.

Jay Bernkrant, President/Owner of Heritage Manufacturing is quick to note that, “Heritage and Taurus have always had a long, family-like relationship. We share the same family-based values and deep-rooted desire to bring the best products to the most people.” The Heritage name and brand will continue to be marketed as a standalone while receiving the full support of the Taurus management efforts and distribution channels.

“This acquisition is a great compliment to our Taurus and Rossi products; a perfect fit with our growth strategy to acquire and partner with companies that share our core competency of affordably priced firearms for all shooters. Taurus is continuing to accelerate in the shooting sports and Heritage products will keep our customers hunting, plinking and cowboy-action shooting. Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. is a well-respected American company with traits of tradition that our nation is built upon and we look forward to increasing the brand awareness to the consumer,” states Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus USA.

Taurus really is expanding, which is good news for gun owners since they make interesting, affordable and in my mind very useful firearms.

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