Trapper Jack’s Winter Survival Video

Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath actually kept me offline not because the storm effected me but because I know people in the area who needed constant hand holding and advice. Sad that we’ve come to the point as a society where people were “starving” less then 24 hours after the power went out. Anyway, I’ll be posting more stuff focusing on emergency survival, preserving food, foraging and other topics people who get hit by a bad storm (actual or otherwise) will be able to use.

Trapper Jack is a YouTuber I watch a lot. I think he’s in North Carolina but frankly I’ve heard he’s one of the last of the old school hobos, though how he uploads videos while wondering the earth with no where to call home is beyond me. This is an hour though of watching how someone who starts out with nothing survives a harsh winter – well to do New Yorkers take note:

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