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More than 100 years ago A.R. Harding created what would be the forerunner of Fur-Fish-Game, a magazine called Hunter-Trader-Trapper which would be one of the first outdoorsman publications in the world. Its creation, as he said, “supplies the missing link to the trade. By its publication all parties interested in the trade, from the trapper and hunter to the exporter, are brought in close contact.”

While that may be too lofty a goal for this site, which is an homage to the periodicals of by-gone and perhaps better days, Hunter-Trader-Trapper will be a link for the casual and professional outdoorsmen to the opportunities of today. We will cover hunting, shooting, fishing and trapping as well as homesteading, treasure hunting, self-sufficiency and everything in between. Always we will keep an eye on frugality and income possibilities for readers since our uncertain economy makes many of our hobbies not only expensive but in some cases the only viable way to provide for our families.

I remember in the 1970s fishing with my grandfather–not for sport but to fill the deep freezer he kept in his attic with food for a large struggling family. I’m sure many fishing enthusiasts and hunters today are thinking of doing the same if they don’t already. It is my opinion that to prosper in the future we will all need to look to the past for guidance.

I hope to bring you articles you can use in real life and hope you enjoy the site.

Rob Taylor

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