Around the Campfire 3/4/12 – Savage World Edition

A lot of people will tell you that the days of wild adventures in the backwoods are long over but here’s a section of stories to prove those people wrong and help some of you two fisted types set a spring vacation destination.

Army of baboons besiege Saudi Arabian town!

The skies of Hopkinsville, Kentucky have been “blackened” with starlings and blackbirds as horrified residents live in fear!

New Chupacabra sighting in … Oklahoma!

Fisherman pulls lovecraftian horror from New Jersey river!

Scientist want to try to deal with the out of control stinkbug problem by introducing another alien bug that eats them. What could go wrong?

In England a 4-week-old baby had it’s finger bitten off by a fox that had crept into an apartment building in the dead of night. Thanks anti-hunting activists!

Here’s a 1980s era encounter between a hunter and the ghost of a murderer!

And here’s a rather long documentary called Cropsy which is a rather pretentious meditation on crime and folklore but scattered throughout the film is some very interesting footage of the large, abandoned Willowbrook mental institution which is now a semi-feral ruin where groups of people live in seclusion. Toward the end of the film police detective interviewed for the film implies strange cults commit human sacrifices at the location. I know where I’m going next time I’m in NYC and feel like exploring.

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