Around the Campfire 8/6/12 – Weird Animals Attacks!

Been busy but I just completed a range review for Luckygunner that I’ll be posting. I’ve also been out wandering as usual and have seen some weird things out there. But nothing as weird as the following:

A couple and their friend were mugged in front of their apartment by a supposedly rabid fox. Authorities are puzzled by the incident since it is the first fox sighting in the area.

A Nebraska man has had his apartment invaded by an army of dangerous Brown Recluse  spiders.

A bobcat broke into a prison complex in Washington state.

A mysterious Big Cat described as a cougar which roars like a lion is cutting up near Canton, Ohio.

A Minnesota woman training for a triathlon was mauled by an otter while swimming in a lake north of Duluth:

“It would dive under water and I didn’t know where I was going to get bit next,” Prudhomme, 33, told ABC News affiliate KSTP.

Prudhomme said her wet suit, which was shredded during the attack, most likely saved her from additional injuries. She received rabies shots for every bite, plus tetanus and antibiotic shots, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Conservation experts were baffled by the rare attack.

A month later another woman was also attacked by an otter. Experts have no idea why these attacks are happening.

Bears trashed a home in Upstate NY – in a town called Bearville.

A bear cub caused the evacuation of a Pittsburgh mall when it wondered in and spent ten minutes browsing electronics.

A man hurled a water moccasin into the car of his ex-girlfriend’s new man. This was of course in Florida.

Woodchucks have been stealing flags of graves near Hudson, NY.

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