Around the Campfire – It’s a Weird Wild World Link Round Up

This is my favorite time of year for a good old fashioned woods ramble or long walk through an unfamiliar place because you never know what you might find lurking in the shadows a few weeks before Halloween:

A fisherman in Texas found a giant tooth that might be from an American Mastadon in the San Antonio river. The drought caused the waters to be unusually low so who knows what other treasures will be unearthed?

A Florida beachcomber found a giant eye lying on the beach. It has yet to be identified but it may be from a giant squid. Reports are it was still “fresh” and bleeding when it was found.

“Hardcore Outdoorsman” finds Bigfoot track while in a “secluded camp” in Texas.

Mystery boom rattles NJ community.

A teen in Virginia was pelted with chicken parts while riding a horse near a Tyson chicken plant. The prevailing theory is that scavenging birds like seagulls are stealing raw parts from the factory and being messy with their food.

New Yorkers are shocked to discover that raccoons are aggressive and dangerous. The population is breeding fast there.

Other metro areas are having problems with coyotes, bears and mountain lions. Urban types are very confused as to why there’s an increase in the population of animals not being hunted.

The 1972 murder of Jeannette DePalma in an abandoned New Jersey quarry has never been solved but locals are still afraid to talk about the case. Allegations of a police cover up and a satanic cult in the woods around Springfield might strike the fancy of intrepid investigators.


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