Guns and Gardens Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Episode 1

As the leaves turn gold and fall’s cool breeze heralds another harvest my mind always turns to one thing – the inevitable zombie apocalypse. More importantly I think of how to survive in a world of civil unrest, scarce resources, and economies ground to a halt. But hey, this is just fantasy right? Not like that could really happen?

Guns and Gardens is a performance art series by a guy from San Francisco named Marque Cornblatt. As his unique spelling of the name “Mark” suggests his videos have a sneering subtext that will grate on most people, but they are overall extremely entertaining and do feature some useful information for survival of disasters zombie related or otherwise. This first episode has some nice ideas on how to maximize space for indoor gardens and the storage of supplies.

In theory this is rated R for violence but the violence is fairly cheesy so though it’s not for kids it’s as safe for work as any video on survivalism. Of course if you’re at work cruising the web you’re literally robbing your employer but that’s a moral issue I won’t deal with here, slackers.

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