Coyote Kills Great Dane in Newington, CT

I meet a lot of people (in the virtual sense these days as I’ve become quite the recluse) who insist that coyotes aren’t dangerous and will never attack anything larger than themselves. While such attacks may be unusual, the idea that no animal smaller than you is a threat is a naive urban fantasy that needs to be dispelled.

I stumbled on this report from Newington, CT about a great dane being mauled to death by a coyote. I lived in Middltown, Ct on and off for several years and saw a coyote there once, and oddly a lot of beavers. Though maybe that shouldn’t be considered odd as it was a college town! Hi-yo!

But seriously, I’ve been to Newington and the surrounding area and though certainly more rural than most of New York or New Jersey it’s basically suburban living – with some scattered small farms which is common in New England. This attack is a wake up call for all you urbane environmentalists out there.Coyotes are everywhere and they’re getting too big for their birches. Notice the advice given out here will encourage the coyote to escalate it’s behavior. The damn thing needs to be put down, but reporters suggest that you essentially feed your pets to it. Foolishness:

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5 Responses to Coyote Kills Great Dane in Newington, CT

  1. Mona says:

    When you live in near a rural area, there will be wild animal attacks.

    I live in a rural setting near a national forest. I deal with Bear, Courgar, Cyote, fox and preditor birds. This is their habitate too. They need to survive just like you do. If you do not want to end their life, then make it impossible to get onto your property.

    • admin says:

      True enough, though in this case the coyote has stalked people and their children on public streets so people need to be prepared for a potentially hostile encounter.

  2. GJTryon says:

    When I was a kid (in Vancouver) the only coyotes I ever saw were on Walt Disney. Now they’re everywhere! What happened?

    • admin says:

      Like rats we spread them. Coyotes are actually not native to most of their current habitat (they’re from the southwest of America I think) but they thrive in suburbs because of all the pets and garbage. Nowadays as there is less hunting and trapping of coyotes each generation is also losing it’s fear of humans so we see them more and they’re entering cities. It’s natural – like roaches entering a dirty house and breeding, then spreading through the whole building.

  3. Pete says:

    We’ve got several coyote sightings over the last couple of days! (06405) Even the mailman saw it cross over the street, daylight hours. Lots of little dogs and kids in this neighborhood so, I’m looking for a CT licensed trapper the could take care of that varmint for us! Come set your traps ASAP, please! (06405) I’ll provide good coffee and lunch! Thanks for the RSVP…Pete

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