Super Comanche Pistol Review

If you’re like me you like guns with character. The single shot .45/410 pistol is definitely a gun with character and the Super Comanches that hit U.S. Markets awhile ago were priced right. The problem I always had with them is that I never met anyone who had one and reviews I’ve seen tend to be shy on detail.

A Youtuber named Steve Justice uploaded this 15+ minute clip of him shooting one with various ammunition while jawbonin’ a little about what he likes about it. I like that he shows the grouping, which makes him a better man than me. Seeing the video re-enforces for me the idea that this may be a fun gun but it’s not for people looking for an all round survival tool. If you’re on a budget and in a state with magazine restriction it might be a good gun for a “bug out” kit. Otherwise, they’re mostly for us weirdos who like to carry a brace of single shots but can’t be bothered to play around with flintlocks or caplocks.┬áIn most gun shops they’ll run you about $225 or so – less than a good black powder pistol and a good c-note or two less than my precious snub-nosed revolvers. Enjoy:

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